Execution of all types of pharmacoeconomic analyses in accordance with current legislative, guidelines of appropriate authorities, professional associations and international standards

  • According to (A) service „Creation of pricing and reimbursement strategies“ we create a design of comprehensive pharmacoeconomic evaluation in conformity of valid legislation and methods of the given country. In the first step we propose a type of pharmacoeconomic evaluation, we carry out the choice of comparators and propose a time schedule. The most common types of pharmacoeconomic analyses are Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA), Cost Utility Analysis (CUA), Cost Minimisation Analysis (CMA).
  • In the following step we elaborate a proposal of creation of new model or we carry out the analyses of model supplied by the client. Our aim is to assess the suitability of the model for adaptation in the given country and further on to describe the functioning of the model  for  subsequent localization needs.
  • The following step includes the creation of HTA model by OAKS team or localization of model supplied by the client, collection of data for realization/adaptation of model, execution of output simulation, choice of basic scenario and execution of sensitivity analyses and at the end we make a final report including comments on possible limitation and proposals on their solution in case that the appropriate authority disputes the submitted evaluation.
  • After the creation of pharmacoeconomic model the OAKS HTA team elaborates a technical report
The same procedure as described for pharmacoeconomic analyses is then applied for Budget Impact Analysis (BIA).